Smart kitchen appliances with app-connectivity – 10 helper in the household

In today’s world of Internet and smart phones, there is always more room for new technologies in our household. Search innovations can make everyday life easier and many chores,: such as, for example, house cleaning, fail. Smart kitchen appliances replace the traditional kitchen in many apartments world Veit.

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Here we present some innovative devices did save the long hours in the kitchen and leaving more time for family, friends and hobbies.

At first glance, this device looks like a regular kitchen board. But it has many properties thatwill Certainly impress you. Countertop of Orange heads using the app link make you suggestions about the dinner, give you ideas for a healthy snack after your workout or just help with cooking, to properly execute the recipe. The design is compact and takes only a little space for storage.

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This is smart gadget love especially, Because it connects to other devices via Wi-Fi. She can stand with a fitness tracker, mixer or pot in contact. So, the simple mixer you have at home, is so smart. In addition, countertop sends a message on your Smartphone with the chosen recipe and complete instructions to his execution.

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The digital kitchen thermometer of iDevices connects to smartphones and tablets via Bluetooth. So you can observe the temperature of food from 40 meters distance. No long waits in the kitchen.

The innovative kitchen thermometer is available in a smaller size and is really cheap. The battery life is 150 hours. You shoulderstand select only the meat and the temperature and relax. If the food is perfectly cooked, get a message and can apply it.

Smart kitchen appliances digital kitchen thermometer useful device iDevices

For all coffee lovers we present pour-over coffee machine the poppy. She looks really classy with an elegant design made of glass. This coffee artwork Provides a way back for settings remotely through a mobile app. Nevertheless, sends a notification if the coffee beans or filter.

The carafe from double glass Enhances the elegance of this coffee machine and shows the strong color of brewed coffee. Unfortunately, this model is quiet hard to find in the shops, but a more frequent appearance is planned for the near future.

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No matter Whether you prefer coffee or tea, the variety of networked appliances has a suitable offer for everyone. The smart device did we here introduce Achieved making the perfect cup tea. Teforia is uniquely designed and Creates a sensual experience while taking advantage of.

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A technology from Intel controlled the brewing process and Allows a connection to smart devices via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. A special equipment of the settings allow to cook the coffee with 65 percent less caffeine tea drinkers for example in the afternoon.

To exploit the modern innovations, you need only one smart device. Each app is optimized for smartphones and tablets, to reach as many users. A camera did sends over the app photos of dinner on the connected device is located within this oven from AEG.

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AEG oven is a multi-function device to be built into the kitchen, Which Ensures uniform temperature and moisture in the oven. So He has a beautiful design did is suitable for kitchens modern.

Next we a fridge from Samsung introduce outside over a screen and is suitable for music, video, radio and even television. So you have four devices in one thesis. Further, you can leave notes on the screen for the other familymembers.

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In the inner part of the Samsung refrigerator is a camera integrated, did Allows you to take a look on the available and ran thus so on The Necessary products. Plus, you can make virtual labels with expiration date on the goods.

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Drop – the small household scale with an app for iPad-related picks a new technology for preparing food. It includes all the usual features of the scales, so but some special equipment. Besides the variety of recipes, THEY Calculated the exact proportions, you need, even if you have given them more or less of a product.

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The detailed instructions of the budget balance to help so the not-so-good cooks. It’s really easy and you can do nothing wrong.

HAPIfork is an innovative Bluetooth fork, Which measures the speed at dinner. She can be configured, to give a vibrant character, so it bites only every 10 seconds by the food.

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The electronic fork helps control eating and to improve the eating habits. The information on an app via Bluetooth or USB will be uploaded after the Gage. So, you have already your real food in the handle.