Country-style cuisine (5 photo design)

Country style kitchen is a wonderful atmosphere of comfort and laconic ease associated with the village, where there is always a calm and you can have a rest from city vanity. Decorated in a country style kitchen will become the center of a home where just enjoy spending time. Even kitchen appliances here looks not so high tech and modern.

Options for rustic decoration

This style of decoration of the premises as a country implies the rustic lifestyle. Therefore, when placing the country cuisine used those elements, furnishings and decor that are inherent in everyday life in the villages. Typically, these rustic or country houses are located in scenic areas, near rivers or forests, therefore, such a design direction as country underlines the direct proximity of man to nature, making all rooms looks very Naturally, naturally.

Country style, often referred to as a village, is popular in countries with different cultures and religions, so deciding to formalize the kitchen in this style, you select one of the existing finish options: Ranch, traditional American design style;
A hut in a tropical style;
A chalet in strict Swiss traditions;
The cottage is a modern English version;
Hut in the Russian style of housing.