Choose an attractive accessory decoration kitchen carpet

In every room, and partly also in the bathroom and on the balcony or the terrace, a carpet is a must in a sense. That is no surprise. He not only contributes to a more comfortable atmosphere, but provides warmth and a pleasant soft feel underfoot. Still is in the kitchen only rarely on a rug thought and if, then for the dining area.

Art Deco, high-gloss modern with kitchen carpet slider white red rustic stone accents

While the carpet also has a positive effect. Alone, because you spend much time in the kitchen during the cold months, a decoration kitchen carpet would be it’s a great idea. So you can run barefoot even when missing underfloor heating.

Deco kitchen carpet bright wooden bird motif green skylight

The carpet must not necessarily immediately occupy a large area. Also a small Kilim or a narrow runners make is very in this room. Put the most where you spend the most time in the standing. You will be amazed as the decorative kitchen carpet that can change the atmosphere.

Deco kitchen carpet colorful stripes idea white traditional closets

You can contact also great color accents with the decoration with kitchen carpet. In a white kitchen comes a colorful carpet wonderfully to the best advantage, for example. Choose floral or geometric motifs, a patchwork design or a striped pattern.

Here is an example for a modern kitchen rug with geometric patterns. This is wonderfully highlighted by the dark floor and the dark kitchen cabinets. The perfect decoration with kitchen rug for a modern facility.

Deco kitchen carpet brown patchwork rustic flair dark wood cabinets

As already mentioned, kilims make perfect for decorating with kitchen carpet. The same applies also to Oriental rugs. The great thing about them is that they can be chosen both for the traditional and the modern, minimalist, or industrial style.

Modern works also this kitchen rug in shades of green, which depict two birds. Not only contrasting colours, but also colors from a family or similar shades can be selected for the decoration with kitchen carpet in the kitchen. This supplement is, for example, the wood and the carpet and creates a harmony.

Deco kitchen carpet Kilim red slider idea classic device

To achieve an elegant look, with a white kitchen carpet. As shaggy, you additionally enhance the effect of the decoration with kitchen carpet. Use this simple color best in a dark or colored kitchen.

Look how wonderfully similar color can be combined. The modern kitchen rug complements the color of the cabinets while the black part of the kitchen provides the necessary contrast. A really successful decorative kitchen carpet.

Deco kitchen carpet round shaggy white red modern closets

A kitchen made of steel can be combined perfectly with bright colors. For this reason, this Oriental rug with fringe acts also as attractive. In addition, the colors in the metal surface are reflected, creating a special atmosphere with the decoration with kitchen carpet. The same applies also to high-gloss finishes.

Since the establishment, as well as the floor and the walls are bright in this kitchen, provided with the modern, black kitchen rug for variety. All details in the room are by this decoration kitchen carpet.

Deco kitchen carpet fray orient carpet red steel kitchen idea

Decorate entire length of the kitchen. The runner has interesting patterns that are made up of various pastel colors. These pastel tones for the decoration with kitchen carpet adapt to the parquet floor and at the same time stand in contrast to the white kitchen.

A similarly sympathetic variant for the decoration with kitchen carpet is to distribute one or more round rugs in the kitchen. In this way, you can combine multiple colors and achieve a modern and trendy interior.