Contemporary kitchen design, kitchen ideas

Contemporary kitchen design is characterized by a subtle simplicity and ergonomic functionality. There is nothing in excess in this Style because every detail is meaningful and necessary. But beside the outer simplicity you will find a high- tech kitchen, equipped with up-to-date devices. The modern kitchen is not only an area for cooking food but as seen wider, multi-functional rest zone, combined with a living-room and dining-room.

The perfect contemporary kitchen provides ultimate comfort for working, communicating and relaxing. Designers tend to turn cold impersonal ultra-laconic urban minimalism into a hot fashion trend, characterized with a bright personality. Modern kitchen cabinetry has flow lines and forms, creating really homely and comfortable ambiance.

Modern Fusion kitchen style

Contemporary kitchen design can be described as the absence of tight limitations and rules in decoration. It resembles eclectic tendency in interior design. Fusion style is a typical representative of this invention. Fusion is not a simple mix of different styles, but it balances between absolutely different, as considered, at first sight, ideas. This Style dates back to 25 years ago, USA.
Kitchen in Fusion style is very eye-catching and vivid because it is equipped with high-tech electronic gadgets and devices. And all this outer look matches with classical furniture, cut-glass chandelier and pin-up wall decorations, picturesque Ethnics with gorgeous Empire, rustic Loft with exclusive Art deco. Fusion kitchen looks unusually but at the same time very cozy.

Fusion style doesn’t integrate diverse elements according to their functions, but due to the emotional impact they produce. It is a really challenging idea for a designer to create a kitchen in Fusion style, for there is a very subtle division between its freshness, light irony and provocation on one side and tastelessness. It is very important to follow a common sense, to unite everything with the help of one dominative idea. Despite the fact that all the details have been taken from different styles, Fusion is dedicated to getting a harmonious and attractive final look without any dissonance and impropriety. In order to reach this goal, it is very important to find and feel the items, ideas that seem as different as chalk and cheese.
The modern kitchen interior design in Fusion Style will create an indelible impression on innovation ideas devotees as well as Conservatism Design adherents.
Fusion style means an original mixture of colors, forms, textures, materials, epochs and cultures as well as rooms. Studio kitchens, dining kitchens, and living kitchens are created with the help of Fusion Style appliance.

Modern kitchen layouts with an island

Modern designers point out that an island kitchen layout has become very popular and significant today. An island is a working zone which may find its place in the center of the kitchen. Modern Island combines cooking and working surfaces, stove hood, sink and leaves enough space even for a bar or a dining zone.

This piece of furniture usually fits well in big and spacious kitchens. Modern kitchen interior design has become impossible without this “treasure” island because most housekeepers rank high its functional and aesthetical advantages. It provides you with freedom in movements about the kitchen for it is reachable from any sides. You can store it with all necessary appliances, leaving the perimeter cabinetry more spacious. Thus, you can provide this island with a dominant role in the whole kitchen interior design, make it functional and geometrical center of the room. Of course, his arrangement demands a spacious area as it serves as an application the main composition. This is one of the best variants of the Studio kitchen layout with open planning.
Both outer look and comfort of this furniture item can have an unlimited number of variants.
Island arrangement of the kitchen has different variants of the design according to various existing Styles, but it is very difficult to imagine contemporary kitchen design without this item. It may play an independent role in the designer’s main idea. And thanks to flow lines and ergonomically nature, it can be fitted even in small kitchens with confined space.